What kind of support can those Spanish individuals receive that need to translate the documents to be sent to the Contergan Foundation?

Grünenthal Pharma has set up a program to support the costs of the translations into German language of the relevant medical documents and applications of Spanish individuals willing to apply to the Contergan Foundation in Germany.

As the Contergan Foundation is an official German governmental body independent from Grünenthal, we do not have any capacity of influence on its decision-making processes, nor the final decisions taken by the Contergan Foundation. However, we are currently helping applicants through the application process to the Contergan Foundation by financially supporting them with the certified translation into German of the documents needed for the application. In this sense, we support the translation process assuming a maximum cost per word of 0,16 euro (excluding VAT), with an upper limit of 1,300 Euros (excluding VAT) out of the total cost of translation of all the documents to be sent to the Contergan Foundation. This maximum limit does not include possible further communications responding with the Contergan Foundation (letters, mails and other texts that may need translation), which will be paid separately according to the same fee. This quantity has been indicated by different agencies in Madrid and we consider that it is a market price.

Applicants shall take note that, in order to protect their personal data, they should send all the documents either to the Contergan Foundation or to the translation agency directly. Applicants shall choose the most convenient translation agency and then send us the invoice. In case the agency needs a commitment that we will cover the costs, we would be glad to do so and, only in this case, they should contact us directly. As soon as we receive the invoice, we will directly pay the translation cost to the agency.

For consideration:
Should you be willing to apply to the Contergan Foundation, all arrangements should be done directly through the Contergan Foundation in Germany, by mail, fax, phone or e-mail. Here you have its contact details:

Conterganstiftung für Behinderte Menschen
Sibille-Hartmann Strasse 2-8
D-50969 Köln